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Lepas Kes Sailang Suami Orang, Gadis Viral Pelat Ala ‘Mat Saleh’ Buat Hal Lagi?

Well, this one is regarding preorder iphone that i make from suzanne wong. Dear dek …., as you mention to me yang u dah buat report. And i sikit tak halang untuk u buat report regarding this. And what i told you, yang i pun dah buat my cover report fr this matter. Yes what can i admit betul u bank in pada i. But did i take ur money? As what u write on caption? Dia mcm ni, you can ask lots of preorder consultant tapi mmg ada problem mcm ni. You piss off cuz i cakap you can do report ke? I said to u. Yg anythg im the one who gonna responsible to this. Which is my earlier post, yg i x heran 1-2k pun yes i write that. Ada a few cus jugak i dah refund with my own money. Looking like this kind of cus yg x boleh nak tolerate. And i have to take my safety step as well. The best part is you viralkan account i and mention my name. Well sikit sebanyak imej saya pun tercalar because of this matter. Ill make police report as well about what u posted. So yup. Saman malu atau tak. Thats up to me. But i do understand you a bit emotional regarding this thing.

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